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Physician’s Office Staffing

Alliance Doctor’s & Medical Office Staffing

Alliance Medial & Home Care is a healthcare employment agency that staffs both front and back office talent. Our team of staffing experts works hard to recruit both clinical and non-clinical staff to meet your office needs. Because clinical healthcare professionals are in high demand, we are constantly recruiting a variety of skilled employees who are well trained and ready to work.

We have been staffing doctor’s offices for over 14 years. With extensive knowledge of both medical practices and the healthcare staffing industry we are able to pick quality office support staff to fill your immediate and long term needs.

Our Clinical and Non-clinical office staff includes:

  • CNA
  • CMA
  • Front Desk
  • Administrative
  • X-ray Technician
  • Registered Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • and much more…
Nurse Wearing Scrubs Listening To Girls Chest With Stethoscope In Hospital Office

Our staffing isn’t limited to office staff and patient care. We will work hard to find the exact fit for whatever position you need to fill. Whether it is short term, full time or temp to hire, we are a medical staffing agency that will work with you. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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Looking for work with Alliance Medical & Home Care? Job seekers can visit our CAREERS page for job search listings.